Patience, Soft-spoken, Selfless (Key to: Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil)

October 12, 2014

IMG_20140616_155144_378Something for all of us to take advice from as well as ponder upon:

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— I PROMISE it’s only a 5 minute read MAX.

We are given an advice by our pious elders in Tabligh once we complete 40 days that the time we have spent, the change that has occurred inside us, the goodness that we have learnt, is a gift from Allaah azza wajal that has been bestowed on us and us alone. When we go back to our houses, our families, our masajid, we need to have Sabr when we see people around us still doing things that we know they shouldn’t be doing. We are told, the reason is, we have spent 40 days (Alhhamdulillah), THEY HAVE NOT!

So we need to calm down, have patience, spend time with them, not completely ignore them while they indulge in those activities but find the time when softly we can guide them about what we have learnt. For an example, we are told, we cannot just tell them “HEY! This TV is the Devil Box! Don’t watch it! THROW IT OUT!” While we don’t watch TV ourselves, we still spend time with the family and find the right time, softly, advising them about the harmful effects Insha’Allah.

We see the mingling of non-mehrams in our families, sometimes in our own households. While we guard our sights and gazes around them and our sisters (who have spent time in jama’at) covering themselves amongst them, we still sit and eat with them, we still spend time with them while politely advising them and sharing with them what we have learnt in jama’at.

We see the women of the household not praying their Salaat on time, giving priorities to the household work, not covering themselves properly while going out etc. The men not going to the masjid, delaying their Salaat as well at home, watching TV etc etc.

We can easily become prey to Shaitaan, completely ruining our experience of those 40 days by pointing fingers, creating differences and distances, talking about them with others(Backbiting), sharing their sins and activities on social media and apps, giving Fatwas (as if we have all of a sudden become Muftis and Ulemas/ Aalimas) may just create hatred in our hearts as well as others. Doing that in a WORST CASE SCENARIO, we may just destroy homes and relations.

We don’t realize that we were in the same boat a few days, weeks, months or years ago when we were party animals, enjoying the haram activities. Allaah azza wajal chose us, and bestowed upon us HIS REHMAH, and ONLY DUE TO THAT we were able to attend those 40 days and amongst the company of the pious, we improved ourselves a little bit, day by day, by praying on time, zikr, tilawat, ikhlas with people around us, daily ta’leem, bayans, going out to remind and invite our fellow brothers to come to the masjid, getting up for tahajjud, learning the saleeqah of the household and manners of daily life according to the Sunnah. How there are separate places (arranged) within the households for men and women while non-mehrams are around and how the daily lives are conducted and dealt with.


Similar to the above, my dear brothers and sisters who go through overnight change, reverts, those who have a cultural to religious change, they need to do the same, they need to give space to the not-so-religious-practicing ones around them in the household, be it their parents, spouses, siblings or in-laws, not completely ignoring their activities but spending time with them and advising them whenever they find the right time. We are the Ummah of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) and we have this special privilege where we are ordered by Allaah azza wajal to do the work of the Prophets and the Companions Alhhamdulillah. (Enjoining good and forbidding evil)

We need to be soft-spoken, selfless, giving others their rights while forgiving our own rights towards them, sacrificing ourselves, having Sabr and more Sabr, instill the qualities of the Prophets and Companions within us, learning more and sharing the knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah. Having daily ta’leem in our households and making sure the children know the importance of ta’leem and enjoy it too.

May Allaah azza wajal chose us and our generations the way He wants us to be, working for His deen, striving for Jannah, and may we are amongst the Prophets and the Companions on the Day of Qayamah. Aaameen YA Rabb Al Aalameen.


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