Quran and Hadith – Ummati Ummati !

May 1, 2012

Ummati Ummati !!! Do you know 1400 years ago Somebody Loved You.

You were not even there. You were not even born then,

but Somebody Cried for you many Nights asking Allah Almighty for YOUR Forgiveness,

He was Miserable for YOU, wanted to Save YOU from anything Bad.
He wanted nothing less than JANNAH for YOU.
He had Wives, Children, Friends & Family who adored Him,
but it was YOUR name He kept Repeating on his last Breath. Ya Ummati Ya Ummati. What have we done in reply to our NABI (Sallal la hu alihi wasallam’s ) Love? NOTHING!!

But from Today onwards we will try In sha ALLAH to follow His Sunnah won’t we?Image


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