Reminder – Allah’s SWT Mercy

April 12, 2012

Its ALL Allah’s SWT Mercy that we go to Masjid 5 times, that we have a Sunnah Beard, that we wear a Topi (cap) or Imamah or else we have seen people whose beard becomes shorter day by day and then they end up shaving, topi goes off, the visits to Masjid lessens and they end up visiting Masjid only on Fridays and they miss them too sometimes. This is all Allah’s Mercy. Why do you think we will have HIS blessings in this world and the Aakhirah? When we CHOOSE not to Obey HIM? Then we worry when we have family/financial problems, from our wives, our children and our jobs? I wish we don’t get deprived of Allah’s Mercy when we need that Kalimah when we take our last breath….. Aameen


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